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Fall/Spring 2013-2014

It's been forever since I posted any new photos here... but better late then never :) You will find my latest photos under the category Fall/Spring 2013-2014. Click here
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New summerphotos

It's summer, the weather is nice and the insects are everywhere. I have added some new photos to the gallery: here
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Spring flowers!

I have been out with my macro lens in the nice spring weather and done some flower-photography.

The new pictures are available in the photogallery here

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Facebook-support in the Photogallery

Those of you who use the social networking service Facebook now have the opportunity to "Like" pictures in the Photogallery. When the Like-button is clicked, a thumbnail-version of the current picture is added to your facebook-wall.

B-Grip cameraholster

B-Grip is a smart gadget that enables you to attach your dSLR to a kind of holder/holster which can either be worn around your waist with a belt or attached to a backpack.

The camera is clipped onto the holder and can then be worn in a comfortable way that leaves both hands free. If you need to use your camera in a hurry you easily detach it by pulling the quickrelease-lever. You thus avoid any hassle with the camera-bag which minimizes the risk of missing a crucial shot. The holder takes camera and lens with a totalt weight of up to 8kg (18 pounds).

B-Grip also has two useful extra functions: The quickrelease plate has a builtin stand that folds out and doubles as a mini-tripod which is handy if you need to put your camera down or if you need extra support for macro photography. Lastly, an all weather cover is included which can be used both separately or together with the holster.

I will be using my B-Grip diligently this summer and I'm sure it will become an indispensible part of my gear.

For more info, visit B-Grip's official site

Photography software in Linux

I found an interesting article about photo-editing in Linux. The selection of software for Raw-conversion has previously been quite sparse in the world of open source but it certainly looks like a lot has happened in that area.

The article is available here

Olympus releases new model

Olympus recently released the new model E-5 which is a followup to their previous pro-model E-3. The E-5 is, just like it's predecessor, completely weathersealed and very robust in its design. The key differences worth noting are, among other things a new enhanced sensor capable of up to 6400 ISO, a new enhanced image-processor, a high resolution 3 inch LCD screen, an extra cardslot for SDHC cards, contrastbased autofocus in liveview-mode and a 720p film-mode.

I'm obviously very keen on getting one of these... but the E-5 is currently very pricey and I'm also quite satisfied with my E-30 so there won't be any upgrade for me yet...

DPReview.com has an extensive review of the E-5 here


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